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Friedrich Hornischer

Timelines Webdesign

is a website to provide informations about webdesign. The access to this website is completely anonymous, however the webmaster has no control over data collected by third parties signing the guestbook.

No data is automatically collected, it is only used for communication, it is held confidentially and is never sold to third parties.

The webmaster never collects data from persons under 18 years age.

All written words and images are protected by copyright. Linking to my website is allowed, you may use the information found. Please do not reproduce any content without prior permission of the webmaster.

The design examples I have crated with Photoshop. The Lady is copyright by Fotolia, I have bought the licence, used with permission.

On all files created not by myself permission is granted by the TOS of the copyright holder.

The Christmas Button on all of the sites I have created are used according the "Terms of Use" of Spice Tree Graphics, the New Years Button according the "Terms of Use" of Linda D. Peer Computergraphics.

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The webmaster is not liable for the completeness, reliability and accuracy of the facts described within this website, and should not be held liable for improper or incorrect use.

All external links are checked regularly. When links are found which injure international law- external links to sites showing pornography, racism, discrimination or hatred- these links will be removed immediately. It can take some days, until all linked sites are checked, so I am not responsible for any damages resulting from visiting such sites, before I have deleted these links.

The Webmaster. Kamp-Bornhofen, 2007 Timelines Webdesign

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